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JUNE 2017: We have some AHHH-MAZING NEWS! We are beyond elated that we have been chosen as the Los Angeles recipient of the John Fluevog Pussy Power shoe fundraiser! Director Amy Jo has been loyal to Fluevog for nearly 20 years as her shoe of choice and recently, when she was in the Venice Beach, California store, she found out that Fluevog was about to release the Pussy Power shoe and that they were looking for the right recipient of the funds.

John made this shoe after being inspired by women’s activism this year and wanted to put his mark out in a way that would support women. Each store gets to choose one recipient for the proceeds, and sure enough, Petrea from Fluevog called to let us know that At Your Cervix™ (being a project meant to make the world better for pussies) was chosen as the Los Angeles recipient! We are so delighted to have the support of a company we respect and love!

 –> PUSSY POWER shoes are available at

So if you dig these shoes know that proceeds will go to help us out. But wait, there’s more!

Both the New York and Los Angeles store have offered to join forces to do a fundraiser for At Your Cervix™ this August or September where proceeds of all sales will also go to support the finishing of the film. We are really grateful for their generosity! So if you’ve been planning to buy some great shoes from Fluevog (or would like to) hold on for the date of our fundraiser and please do it then! You can call in from anywhere if you can’t show up in person.