The At Your Cervix Team

has launched a multi-pronged impact campaign with the goal of achieving both legal and cultural change in medical education.


Policy Changes

The film is part of a national campaign to pass laws in all fifty states banning non-consensual intimate exams on unconscious patients.

Ethical Alternatives

The AYC team promotes and expands high-quality Gynecological Teaching Associate training programs nationwide.


The AYC platform includes lobbying the Joint Commission – the organization responsible for overseeing and accrediting hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the U.S. – demanding that they implement policies expressly banning non-consensual pelvic examinations as a part of the accreditation process.

Storytelling & Healing

At Your Cervix is creating an online community to support and empower patients, students and anyone who has experienced these egregious practices, to share their stories and create healing together.

“Take The Pledge”

The AYC team and the American Medical Student Association are collaborating to include At Your Cervix in the core curriculum of several nationwide medical educational programs and encourage medical and nursing students to pledge that they will not perform any examinations without first obtaining informed consent from their patients.   

Patient Empowerment Workshops

Because it is critical for patients to know their rights, their bodies and how to advocate for themselves – the social impact effort will fund, promote and support screening events with patient advocacy and “Find Your Cervix” workshops for the public. 

What People Are Saying

Jameela Jamil

“One of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen. It was so informative. There are ties between abortion, the history of midwives vs. gynecology, so much understanding of patriarchy and gynecology in this. You really connected so many dots for me throughout the documentary where I could understand the history and see how we got here and that made me feel actually genuinely hopeful we can find our way out. It was amazing. I thank you for empowering us to take back our autonomy, and you are amazing.”

– Jameela Jamil, actress, activist, podcaster, and television host and judge 

The Reproductive Health Project of the American Medical Student Association

“At Your Cervix confronts a common and particularly egregious violation of patient bodily autonomy under the guise of medical education and training. This film makes a vitally important contribution to the much-needed exposure of rape culture in medicine, and holds the medical education system to account for perpetuating professional norms rooted in domination, control, and disregard for the universal human right of bodily integrity. We hope this film inspires medical educators and medical students everywhere to be the generation that declares, This stops with us!”

– The Reproductive Health Project of the American Medical Student Association

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Michael Walls

“This film is an excellent presentation of the harm to both patients and physicians caused by non consensual pelvic exams performed purely for educational purposes. It provides concrete, trauma-informed strategies for programs and students to ensure patient safety without compromising education.”

– Michael Walls, DO, MPH President, American Medical Student Association

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