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How We Are Making An Impact.

The AYC Team is joining lawyers, politicians, professors, students and activists to get laws passed in every state protecting people from nonconsensual intimate exams.

Our Mission

The film is part of a national campaign to pass laws in all fifty states banning non-consensual intimate exams on unconscious patients.

The Epstein Policy Program

For nearly two decades, Professor Robin Fretwell-Wilson has advocated for policy change requiring express consent for intimate exams across the United States.

Petitions, Bills & Campaigns in Motion

New Mexico

Sign The petition to:

Stop Non-Consensual Pelvic Exams on Anesthetized Patients in New Mexico

New Mexico State Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez with At Your Cervix Director & Producer  A’magineworking to pass a bill.


At Your Cervix is collaborating with legislators in Massachusetts to pass legislation requiring informed consent for intimate exams that has been pending since 2019. Stay tuned for more info!). The title/header should read “Massachusetts”.


We are currently working on a campaign in Colorado that would require informed consent before any intimate exam.

Stay Tuned for more information. 

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