For over 40 years, a safe, ethical, effective and empowering method of teaching pelvic exams to medical students has existed.

The GTA Program

Gynecological Teaching Associate (GTA) 


It’s about consent

for all INTIMATE exams

At Your Cervix highlights

The Gynecological Teaching Associate (GTA) Program 

Filmmakers A’magine and Julie Carlson, women’s health activists, met in 2001 while training to teach medical students how to perform breast and pelvic exams.

What makes the GTA method unusual and radical, is that the Gynecological Teaching Associates use their own bodies to teach.

As simultaneous “patient” and instructor, GTAs are able to guide students through the exam and give immediate feedback about their technique, a vantage point no mechanical model, anesthetized patient or fellow student can offer

After becoming GTAs, and teaching in every major medical institution in New York City, A’magine and Julie realized that almost no one knows about this empowering and effective method.

So they embarked on the journey of making this documentary, At Your Cervix, in order to share the importance of the GTA work and the beneficial impact it has on medical and nursing students, as well as patients

Want to find your cervix, and teach others to find theirs?

We are training a cadre of facilitators to lead “Find Your Cervix” workshops.


   The Workshop:

  • Teaches self-exam based on knowledge embedded in the GTA method
  • Instructs individuals on how to guide participants to find their own cervixes safely.
  • Empowers educators to help others become empowered with tools that medical doctors have kept from patients for far too long. We are taking these skills back into our own hands.