“One of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen…

It made me feel genuinely hopeful we can find our way out.”

– Jameela Jamil

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“At Your Cervix is one of the best documentary films I’ve ever seen”

– Jameela Jamil

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At Your Cervix is a new film exposing unethical pelvic exams

– Research published in 2003

At Your Cervix

Breaks the Silence

about how medical and nursing students learn to perform pelvic exams in the U.S.
The film exposes how students are often taught on unconscious patients without their knowledge or consent.

At the same time it offers an empowering solution that will revolutionize how pelvic exams are performed  in schools and clinics across the country .


Uncomfortable; Humiliating; Traumatic…

Words patients use too often to

describe pelvic exams.


At Your Cervix follows sexuality educator, activist and filmmaker A’magine on her journey to expose the unethical and often traumatic ways medical and nursing students are taught to perform pelvic exams.

Interviews with students, patients, doctors, midwives, politicians and advocates offer compelling and often deeply emotional testimony as to why nonconsensual and unethical pelvic exams on patients under anesthesia must end.

The Film

Explores the hidden history of modern gynecology.

From a riveting and unflinching look at the man considered to be the “father of gynecology” and his cruel experimentation on enslaved Black Women, to the insidious attacks on midwives and women’s health, the filmmakers show us the history and its direct link to today’s unethical teaching practices.

At Your Cervix explores the hidden history of modern gynecology.

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